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The following rules have been listed to consider the primary aspect of safety for all riders and the general public. Please consider the safety of your fellow participants and the public.

  • The Ride Leaders will be Flag Bearers from the various Clubs or Groups, Santa and, if available, the Police.

  • The ride will be conducted at a speed no greater that the legal limit as signposted.

  • After each stop, a warning signal will sound 5 minutes prior to departure for the next leg, and then again at 1 minute. Please be all geared up and ready to go.

  • The run will be conducted as a side by side grouping or staggered if appropriate to reduce the length of the tail end.

  • Riders are NOT to throw lollies etc into the crowd or do a high five with children on the pavement.

  • There will be numerous persons who will have toys and or donations with them as we pass. DO NOT STOP to gather these donations. We have two utilities following who will gather them for us.

  • The Toy Run will start at 9:00am at Jubilee Oval and finish at The Civic Centre, off Tarcutta Street at approx 12:15pm.

  • Toilets are available at some stops on the way round. Total distance is 75km, ensure you have enough fuel.

Breakfast will be available at the start from 7:30am for a nominal fee. Morning Tea at Apex Park, at around 10:15am, and the cost will be a gold coin donation.

At the finish, we will have an auction of some donated articles from The Junee Correctional Centre, plus some other items and prize draws will be conducted at the same time.

Cold drinks and a sausage sizzle will be available for a nominal fee.

A raffle will be conducted on the day with some prized of great value. Tickets are $5.00 each.

Any Rider found to be disruptive or conducting themselves in a manner dangerous will be referred to the Police and asked to leave the ride.

When riding down Baylis Street obey the directions of Road Marshalls, Police or Traffic Lights as applicable.


Pillions under the age of eight (8) are not permitted by law. However they may ride in a side car wearing an approved helmet.

Metal Badges are available at the start at Jubilee Oval and also at the finish at The Civil Centre. Cost of the badges are $5.00.

COVID-19: At the end of the day the ride will be conducted with regard to the Health NSW restrictions applicable on the day. 

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